FREE WEBINAR: Living Life Unplugged

Written by Maren Schmidt
  • How does our interdependence on the human created super structure of internet technology affect our humanity?  
  • How does technology affect our children’s natural and normal development, development that has been closely connected to nature...

FREE SERIES: Empowering Kids Now

Written by Maren Schmidt

Can you imagine a world where kids have healthy self-confidence?

A world where they feel empowered, vibrant, and healthy in body, mind, and spirit?

But instead, kids today are suffering unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression while growing...

FREE TRAINING: The Five Most Important Questions

Written by Maren Schmidt


There are five questions that you should consider if you are going to create a joyful and confident school community of children, families and staff members.

Unfortunately, many school leaders spend decades without understanding what is missing...

FREE EGUIDE: 3 Tips For Effective Montessori Parent Education

Written by Maren Schmidt

If you haven't already gotten this eguide to help you with creating effective Montessori parent education programs, I invite you to do so now.

Teaching Values

Written by Maren Schmidt

”Do you teach values?” a telephone caller asked.

Back in the early 90’s parents were upset that values were being taught in school. Controversy brewed and bubbled.

Do you teach values? The question caught me off guard. How can you not teach...

Please Don't Eat The Marshmallow

Written by Maren Schmidt

In the 1960’s, Walter Mischel conducted the now-famous “marshmallow study” at the Bing Nursery School at Stanford University. A researcher would let a four-year-old choose a treat from a tray and tell the child that he or she could eat the treat...

Beginning A Conversation

Written by Maren Schmidt

We were looking forward to spending the weekend with old friends and their eight- and ten-year-old sons, whom we had never met.

As soon as quick introductions were made, the boys picked up their electronic game machines and headed toward the den.

Do The Hokey Pokey

Written by Maren Schmidt

In the gardening shop I looked up to discover a sign over my head.

”What If The Hokey Pokey Is What It’s All About?”

For whatever reasons, I started to laugh. Uncontrollably. My husband came from across the store to see what could be so funny.


Time Out Or Time To Think?

Written by Maren Schmidt

Isolating children when they don’t meet our expectations of behavior is one method of implementing time-out. Using time-out may be one of the most popular discipline methods used by parents today. Carl Larsson, the Swedish artist, did a painting...

Who Owns The Problem?

Written by Maren Schmidt

Five-year-old Samantha leaves her lunchbox at home at least once a week. Her mother, Lori, makes a special trip to school to bring Samantha’s lunch–a thirty-minute disruption to Lori’s day.

Who owns the problem of getting Samantha’s lunch to...