Attachment To Reality

Written by Maren Schmidt

The almost four-year-old boy visiting my classroom was wonderfully verbal. He had just given me a detailed explanation about his family’s move into their new home.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Batman,” he answered.

“And what is your name when...

FREE WEBINAR: What About Kindergarten? A Montessori Perspective

Written by Maren Schmidt

It's a perennial problem for Montessori schools.

How can we show parents the importance of the third year of our programs for children 3 to 6 years old?

Because the third year is truly a leap year!

This is a session that you will want to let all...

FREE WEBINAR: Helping Parents "Get" Montessori

Written by Maren Schmidt

 Are you a school leader concerned about helping your school families "understand" Montessori?   

On Thursday January 18, at 4 PM Pacific/ 7 PM Eastern, please join me for a 45-minute webinar on Helping Parents "Get" Montessori.

In this free...

The Child's Spontaneous Concentration

Written by Maren Schmidt

In the young child there are observable characteristics of behavior that help us know that a child is following normal development.  These characteristics follow:

  • love of order,
  • love of work,
  • deep spontaneous concentration,
  • attachment to reality,

The Child's Love Of Work

Written by Maren Schmidt

The young child’s love of work, or being involved in meaningful activity, is an inborn trait.  With proper nourishment this love survives a lifetime.  Even in utero the child is involved what can only be classified as work—growing and moving in a...

Understanding A Child's Love Of Order

Written by Maren Schmidt

As parents and teachers we are concerned about doing the right things with our children. When our children go through difficult periods, we can spend nights tossing and turning about what can be the matter.

As our tools can be friend or foe,...

Sensitive Periods: Movement

Written by Maren Schmidt

A kid's got to move.  Observing a few minutes at a playground will attest to that.  You don't see children sitting around if they have the chance to run, jump, climb, or skip.  Children are in a sensitive period of development for movement from...

Sensitive Periods: Language

Written by Maren Schmidt

From birth to six, children are in a critical period of language development, when the spoken word develops naturally.  Ninety percent of our adult conversational language is in place by the age of six. 

If a child does not speak by age six, it...

Sensitive Periods: Order

Written by Maren Schmidt

Three-year-old Abby, was the perfect cheerful morning pre-school student with never a tear or a fret.

Until the end of April.

All week at dismissal she had begun to cry as soon as I opened the car door. Her mother was greeted with big sobs and...

Sensitive Periods: Sensory Development

Written by Maren Schmidt

Between the ages of birth to four-and-a-half, children are in a sensitive period for refining their senses.

Children at this age are capable of learning to discern hundreds of qualities of the things around them. Perfect pitch is acquired before...