FREE WEBINAR: Living Life Unplugged

Written by Maren Schmidt
  • How does our interdependence on the human created super structure of internet technology affect our humanity?  
  • How does technology affect our children’s natural and normal development, development that has been closely connected to nature...

FREE SERIES: Empowering Kids Now

Written by Maren Schmidt

Can you imagine a world where kids have healthy self-confidence?

A world where they feel empowered, vibrant, and healthy in body, mind, and spirit?

But instead, kids today are suffering unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression while growing...

The Deep Well Of Time

Written by Maren Schmidt

 I want to tell you about an important book. 

Michael Dorer’s, The Deep Well Of Time: The Transformative Power of Storytelling in the Classroom.

Human beings learn best through stories. 

As Montessori teachers we are asked to be storytellers of...