Is Spelling Dead?

Written by Maren Schmidt on March 07, 2017

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In today’s tech world with computerized dictation programs, along with the ability to use spelling auto-correct as we write, there is an educational faction that says that learning to spell is unimportant, that spelling is dead.

Research shows, though, that being a competent speller increases...

  • Reading ability,
  • Writing effectiveness,
  • Reading and listening comprehension, and  
  • Overall communication skills. 

Learning to be a good speller is more important than ever for our children.

Join me for this 30 minute-webinar, How To Help With Spelling, to find out how you, parent or teacher, can make a difference.

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Wednesday, May 10 

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In How To Help With Spelling, you’ll discover:

  • Two important skills needed to be a good speller
  • Seven major obstacles that can keep any of us from becoming good speller.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how you can help with spelling.

In this webinar you’ll receive a bonus along with a special offer.

We’ll also have a question and answer period.

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