What Kind Of Busy Are You?

Written by Maren Schmidt on June 06, 2017

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What kind of busy are you?

Seth Godin wrote in his blog that there are two kinds of busy:

"When I'm giving a speech, I don't have the ability to squeeze in a phone call, think about what's for dinner or plan tomorrow's meeting. I'm doing one thing, and it's taking everything I've got. So yes, I'm busy, all in. On the other hand, we all are familiar with the other kind of busy, the busy of feeding one kid while listening to see if the other is still napping, while emptying the groceries, checking email and generally keeping the world on its axis.

I have two suggestions:

a. if you're used to being one kind of busy, try the other one out for a change. You might find it suits you.


b. if what you're doing isn't working, if you're not excelling at what you set out to do or not getting the results you seek, it might be because you're confused about what sort of busy is going to get you there..."

Here's wishing you a wonderful summer that finds you being the kind of busy you desire. 

And I hope you will be able to find the time to take a Kids Talk Webinar or two.

butterly transformation ISS_4017_00090 copy.jpgFREE WEBINAR: Transforming Your School Families Into Dream Families 
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I'll be offering three sessions at these dates and times:

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Can't make it?  No problem.

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