FREE WEBINAR: Helping Children Learn To Listen 

Written by Maren Schmidt on August 01, 2018

In my many years of working with young children, there is one question I hear frequently from parents and teachers:

How do I get children to listen to me?

When we are confronted with tantrums, defiant behavior, or worse, it’s difficult to know...

Safety First

Written by Maren Schmidt on August 01, 2018


What makes a group highly successful?

Daniel Coyle in his book, The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups, tells us that there are three key skills that leaders use to build cohesive, high functioning organizations.

Aloha Leadership Retreat

Written by Maren Schmidt on July 17, 2018

 Aloha Leadership Retreat  

May 3-5, 2019

The Aloha Leadership Retreat is a dream come true, and you’re invited.

How Shall We Serve?

Written by Maren Schmidt on May 29, 2018

One of the fundamental ideas for me about leadership is servant leadership.

We lead to serve. 

As school leaders, we lead to serve the needs, wants and aspirations of children.

But what are the factors for service in our world today, especially...

Is Your School A Movement Or Nothing But A Business?

Written by Maren Schmidt on May 01, 2018

Why aren’t more of our schools places of realized potential?

An attribute shared by places of realized potential is that the group and its leadership see their organization as much more than a business.  The people in those organizations view...


Written by Maren Schmidt on April 11, 2018

This summer at the MAA Summer Retreat I'm going to be able to share information about one of my favorite topics, building community. 

FREE EGUIDE: 3 Tips For Effective Montessori Parent Education

Written by Maren Schmidt on April 07, 2018

If you haven't already gotten this eguide to help you with creating effective Montessori parent education programs, I invite you to do so now. 

Leading Without Power: Places Of Realized Potential

Written by Maren Schmidt on April 03, 2018

Over the past ten years I’ve pruned my book collection, literally by the thousands.  One book that remains in my library is Max De Pree’s, Leading Without Power: Finding Hope In Serving Community.

Teaching Civility: Articles To Share

Written by Maren Schmidt on March 27, 2018

Here is a list of Kids Talk articles that might help you in your work of teaching civility. Click on the titles to read the entire article. 

Leading Towards Civility

Written by Maren Schmidt on March 06, 2018

Over the past four months we've looked at teaching civility. 

We've considered that there are key questions we need to keep in the air every day: