FREE WEBINAR: Helping Children Learn To Listen 

Written by Maren Schmidt on January 31, 2019

In my many years of working with young children, there is one question I hear frequently from parents and teachers:

How do I get children to listen to me?

When we are confronted with tantrums, defiant behavior, or worse, it’s difficult to know...

Remember! The Aloha Leadership Retreat

Written by Maren Schmidt on January 30, 2019

 Aloha Leadership Retreat  

May 3-5, 2019

The Aloha Leadership Retreat is a dream come true, and you’re invited.

FREE WEBINAR | What About Kindergarten? A Montessori Perspective

Written by Maren Schmidt on January 02, 2019

It's a perennial problem for Montessori schools.

How can we show parents the importance of the third year of our programs for children 3 to 6 years old?

Because the third year is truly a leap year!

This is a session that you will want to let all...

Creating Clarity

Written by Maren Schmidt on January 01, 2019

What do we mean by having clarity within an organization?

Patrick Lencioni in his book, The Advantage, describes clarity as the alignment of values, goals, strategies and behaviors so that there is little possibility for confusion, chaos or...

Building A Cohesive Leadership Team

Written by Maren Schmidt on December 05, 2018

Patrick Lencioni in his book,The Advantage, asks us to imagine two organizations.

The first is led by a leadership team whose members are open with one another, passionately debate important issues, and commit to clear decision even if they...

FREE WEBINAR: Living Life Unplugged

Written by Maren Schmidt on December 03, 2018
  • How does our interdependence on the human created super structure of internet technology affect our humanity?  
  • How does technology affect our children’s natural and normal development, development that has been closely connected to nature...

FREE WEBINAR | Creating Your DREAM Community

Written by Maren Schmidt on December 01, 2018

Are you a school leader concerned about building your ideal school community?

BOOK REVIEW | The Big Disconnect

Written by Maren Schmidt on November 30, 2018

The rate of change in our digital world confounds.

Published in 2013,The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age, cites research from 2010, now over eight years old.  Eight years in digital time is ancient...

FREE TRAINING: The Five Most Important Questions

Written by Maren Schmidt on November 28, 2018


There are five questions that you should consider if you are going to create a joyful and confident school community of children, families and staff members.

Unfortunately, many school leaders spend decades without understanding what is missing...

BOOK | Building Cathedrals Not Walls

Written by Maren Schmidt on November 21, 2018

Building Cathedrals Not Walls is a collection of ninety Kids Talk essays to inspire you in your work with children, whether you are a parent, a teacher, or other adult in the life of a child.

Cathedrals endure as symbols of vision and dedication...