Letters Of Encouragement

Written by Maren Schmidt

As young parents, my husband and I took a video-based parenting course called “Active Parenting” developed by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D. Impressed with all the valuable information I was able to put to immediate use, I became an Active Parenting...

Be Friendly With Error

Written by Maren Schmidt

Nicholas, a cheerful three-year-old, had cried every day at snack time for a week.

Because he had spilt a pitcher of water on the snack table, Nicholas refused to try to pour himself a drink of water.

Efforts to encourage Nicholas to pour an...

Freedom Within Limits Of Responsibility

Written by Maren Schmidt

Freedom and responsibility are linked together.

We are free to act when we have the right and also take responsibility.

For example, in our society, we have the right to drive a car. We exercise this privilege to drive by taking the...