Three Ways To Change Behavior

Written by Maren Schmidt

Lisa is so different from Grace. Grace never broke anything when she was this age. Lisa breaks something every day," Meg told me at our playgroup with ourone-year olds.

Meg, a long-time friend, was over 30 when she had her first child....

Learning To Love To Learn

Written by Maren Schmidt

Trying to keep our children frustration free by controlling the consequences of movement,for example using spill proof drinking cups instead of ones that can spill, prevents our children from getting necessary and accurate feedback for optimal...

A Thank You Walk

Written by Maren Schmidt

''I'm worried that my four- and six-year-old will be spoiled. They have such a great life--plenty of love, food, toys and money. I want them to be thankful for what they have,'' Melinda said.

Melinda understood that helping her children cultivate...

How Do We Want To Be?

Written by Maren Schmidt

Each of us has a picture in our minds of how we want our personal world to be. This vision of our perfect planet contains the people most important to us, along with favorite activities, feelings, foods, decorations, surroundings and more.


Learning To Be Friendly with Error

Written by Maren Schmidt

If failure is not an option, neither is success.

An interesting idea. But isn’t it true that we learn most effectively when we’ve had to figure out a problem through trial and error?

On my typewriter (remember those things?) during my early 20’s...

Learning To Stop And Think

Written by Maren Schmidt

Impulsivity is a sign of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and probably most 36-month-olds’ behavior would meet the criteria for being ADHD.

Some of the criteria follow: makes careless mistakes, has difficulty sustaining attention in...

An Attitude Of Gratitude

Written by Maren Schmidt

"What do you see?" our communications professor asked as he held up a black and white ink drawing.

"A beautiful Gibson-style girl with a feather in her hat."

"No, it's an old hag with a witch's nose and a scarf tied over her head."

As we...

Learning To Speak Effectively

Written by Maren Schmidt

Over the past few weeks we’ve been discussing tools for our children’s success in a future that we may have difficulty imagining.

We do know that there are timeless learning tools that have enabled humans to adapt to new challenges. We are in the...

Learning To Engage

Written by Maren Schmidt

Knowing and not doing, is really not to know at all.  To truly know and experience something, we must engage.  We can watch all the football games in the world, but until we learn to throw an accurate pass, run past a halfback, or have been...

Learning To Set Goals

Written by Maren Schmidt

Goal setting seems to be an adult-oriented skill set.

How do we help our children learn to set goals?