Habit 6: Synergize

Written by Maren Schmidt on February 01, 2017


When I first read The 7 Habits, this idea of synergize lacked clarity for me.

Covey subtitles this chapter on synergy as Principles of Creative Cooperation.

As I incorporated the first five habits into my life, though, synergy...

Habit 5: Seek First To Understand

Written by Maren Schmidt on January 04, 2017

There are four basic types of communication: Reading and writing, listening and speaking.

Most of our days are spent communicating in some form or the other.

Our school days are filled with learning to become better readers and writers, but how...

Habit 4: Thinking Win/Win

Written by Maren Schmidt on November 30, 2016

One of the habits of highly effective people is to think win/win.

In our building of relationships there is a fundamental idea that comes into play:

We cannot create interdependent connections until we have established independence in ourselves. 

Fill Up Your Love Bucket

Written by Maren Schmidt on November 12, 2016

As school leaders we serve the needs of others.

From our “love buckets” we go around filling the needs of the children and the community members we serve.

As we serve others we must remember to stop every once and a while to fill up our "love...

Having The Difficult Conversation

Written by Maren Schmidt on November 03, 2016


February is my traditional fed-up month.

Cold, dampness, snow and not enough sunlight configure into my waking up like a groundhog and thinking, "Enough is enough!"

Feeling Over?

Written by Maren Schmidt on October 22, 2016

"I'm so over!"Jennifer said.

"Overwhelmed.  Overworked.  Overscheduled."

As school leaders, the demands on our time, as well as our own tendencies toward perfection or procrastination, can create a situation where we are over our...

Remember To Do This Everyday

Written by Maren Schmidt on October 20, 2016

My college professor walked into the classroom. 

"Pop quiz for a hundred points." 

"What the name of the janitor in this building?"

Only two out of about 45 students knew the answer.  

"What I want you to understand is that everyone in...